Leveraging Equity and Diversity in the War for Talent

I recently had the distinct pleasure to write another article for the AIA Young Architect Forum’s online publication, Connection. This was a fun article for me to write because it not only allowed me to explore and further understand the difference between equity and diversity, but it also helped me to clarify the benefits of each. Below […]

On Being a Mom and an Architect

For Mother’s Day this year I spent some time reflecting on what it means to me to be a mom who is also an architect, and conversely an architect who is also a mom. When I look at the two roles from the different perspectives, they mean very different things to me. So I thought […]

How Many Women Are in Leadership at the Top Architectural Firms?

This is a question I wanted to answer for my upcoming presentation of Establishing the Business Case for Women in Architecture (TH202) at the 2016 AIA Convention in Philadelphia. (If you’re attending the convention you should absolutely come to our presentation on Thursday at 2pm with amazing panelists Emily Grandstaff-Rice, Kate Schwennsen and Carole Wedge!) […]

The Importance of Unplugging

I recently left my job. I didn’t come to that decision lightly- months of thinking and discussions with my husband went into my decision. I had been there for 9 years, and by all counts, I ‘grew up’ there. My closest friends are still there. But it was time for me to move on. The […]

What’s For Dinner!?! (Pizza Pasta!)

What’s for dinner? I hate this question. My kids never ask me this question- in fact, the only person who asks me this question is… me. And I never like figuring out the answer. Typically I preempt my kids and ask them ‘What do you want for dinner?’- because I rarely have a plan. I […]

On Winning Awards, and Why It’s Important

I’m a pretty ordinary person. I have a job. So does my husband. We have two kids and a lovely house with a backyard. But lately I’ve been winning a few awards. I haven’t done this alone by any means. There have been a lot of people that have helped me along the way. People […]

The Myth of ‘Having It All’

I am not perfect. Not even close. And even though by many accounts I ‘have it all’ – having it all quickly becomes a very delicate dance. Recently Architect Magazine published a short article about me: “A Day in the life of an ArchiMom.” It had the tagline: “To call Amy Kalar a busy working […]

ArchiTalks #17: Three Tools for Change

Welcome to the 17th edition of the ArchiTalk Series. It is a series curated by Bob Borson over at Life of an Architect, where a whole bunch of architectural bloggers all blog about the same topic on the same day. This month’s topic: ‘Tool’. Yup, that’s it. Bob’s left us all to our own devices on how […]